Road-map Consultation

This package is available to clients at all levels – high school, college, post-grad, etc. We will work together for three sessions. During the first one-hour meeting we will discuss what concerns you have, what you are hoping to accomplish, what we’re working with (what have you done so far) and what outcomes we need. At our second meeting, I will provide a rough-draft “road-map,” outlining how to achieve the goals we previously decided on, whether this be a calendar of study/free time; what classes to take when; how to narrow down your college search; how to approach a job search, etc. After this second, two-hour meeting I will revise your road-map to cover any new or changed concerns and include three additional resources (ie – self-administered aptitude or skills assessments, list of top 10 colleges in your field, calendar of deadlines, etc). At our final two-hour meeting, we will go over this plan in detail. After that I will be available to you via email for one additional month. If you’d like to speak on the phone or have an additional meeting, additional fees will apply for up to three months


  • Three meetings: 1 hour, 2 hour, 1 hour
  • Additional email access for one month
  • One month free access to our online library
  • Additional months will be assessed additional fees