Our graduation pack comes in two forms – Get through High School or Get Me Ready for College. The first package offers you a choice of a one or two year commitment to get you/your kid through high school, for example: what classes to take; when to schedule SAT prep classes, extracurricular activities; scheduling and preparing for college tours and interviews; how to choose your colleges and write your college applications; what alternatives are out there (Junior College? Gap Year?) and, how to stay on track your senior year.

Getting Ready for College includes, among other topics: Financial aid and scholarships; how to choose classes; when to study abroad; working with your professors and, internships, fellowships, and volunteering. This will be a once a month meeting again, hopefully in person though other considerations can be made for special circumstances. I will also be available to you via email with a two-day turn-around response time.


  • Get through High School (two-year) OR Get Me Ready for College (one-year OR one term)
  • Meetings once a month, in-person or virtual (arranged on a case-by-case basis)
  • Six months free access to our online library
  • Additional “course”work outside of meetings may be assigned
  • Ability to compact meetings to be completed during winter, spring or summer breaks
  • Calendaring, paperwork, application processing completed jointly
  • SAT prep and tutoring, hourly basis, once or twice a week meetings