About me

Founder Danielle Solick has a rather atypical career and academic history. A California native, convinced at an early age that she would only be satisfied with an international life, Danielle graduated early from high school, started taking classes at her local community college and spent the next six years working, studying and traveling the world. She came back to California to complete her Bachelor’s degree and ended up completing two, one in Global Studies and another in Spanish, with one year at the University of Granada (Spain) in between and a six-month stint in Phuket, Thailand earning her TESOL certificate. She would later return to that same school to work for a year as an English Teacher Trainer, after which time she again returned to California to complete her Master’s Degree in International Policy Studies, which included a seven-month graduate fellowship at the United Nations. Upon completion of her MA, Danielle spent the next several years working for two of the world’s most well-known and prestigious non-profit organizations: Amnesty International and The International Rescue Committee. Though these two posts brought her all over the world working on issues that truly affected change and progress in our global community, California (and her family) beckoned. She returned to Santa Cruz and to the higher and international education communities at UCSC, before opening her own practice to help people through times of major life transitions academically and professionally.

Over the years, Danielle has worked with hundreds of clients, interns, volunteers, staff, friends and family, helping them find and direct their own future success. She has been a tutor, a confidant and a guide and prides herself on tailoring her work to each client’s unique goals and dreams. Whether you’re a student who just needs some additional resources or reassurance, you’re a parent unsure how to finance college, or you’re at a point in life where you’re considering changing careers, opening your own shop, going back to school or anything in between, Danielle can help. Together you will find all the support you need to have the structure, skills and peace of mind to be successful no matter your chosen path. Below are a few notes from past clients to give you a better idea, in their own words, of who Danielle is and what she does.

UCLA Certificate in College Counseling; Member NCDA & CCDA